Datasets and Code

Links to datasets and code made public by me, my colleagues or other useful links to public datasets

MDDSP A dataset of graphs for the Maximum Disjoint Dominating Sets Problem (MDDSP) is available on bitbucket.

ITC2021 The code of our Multi-Neighborhood Simulated Annealing for the Sports Timetabling Problem from the ITC2021 competition is available on github. The 45 competition instances and the additional 518 used for our study on algorithm selection are available on the competition website.

HHRSCP A new set of public instances for the Home Healthcare Routing and Scheduling Problem is made available on github. Another benchmark dataset is published by Alberto Kummer on his github.

OPTHUB A variety of instances for multiple combinatorial optimization problems are available on the OptHub website. The website is maintained by the IO Lab of the University of Udine.